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Hermosa Organic Tequila

Certifications: Certified Kosher by: Kosher De Occidente S.C. Certified Organic by: Bioagricert both USDA Organic and EU Organic For all Hermosa Organic Tequila Brands
Phone Number: 949.257.3344
Made In:
Hermosa Organic Tequila is made at a third-generation family owned distillery, Tequilas Las Americas NOM 1480 in Amatitán Jalisco, Mexico
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Certifications: All of our products are certified organic 75% or more as well as many USDA. Nearly all of our products are certified Kosher except for these four flavors: Macadamia Nut Prebiotic, Dark Chocolate Prebiotic, Mango Lemon Balm Prebiotic, and Lion's Mane Rhodiola Mushroom. Organizations certified with: Star K, QAI
Toll-Free Number: 800-498-3434
Made In:
PO Box 40829, Santa Barbara, California, USA 93140
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